Free songs


sound design

produced by
Corrado Abate
presented at
Giorni Felici III ed.
Casa Testori – Milano


Wunderkammer (wonder-room) is a word that belongs to German and it’s used to indicate specific environments where -from XVI century to XVIII century- art collectors used to store their extraordinary objects. In a way they could be seen as the germinal stage of contemporary museums. All the wonder objects were closely connected to the idea of private possession: this stimulated the raise of collecting. The purpose of collectors was to take possession of extraordinary objects found in nature, naturalia, or created by men, artificialia. More generally, these objects were called mirabilia: things capable to raise admiration and astonishment.

“With this new chapter I wanted to create a room to contain and somehow tell the wonder and the amazement I feel while listening to the noises of my work. Eevery gesture of mine, every creative process, has itself a sound consequence, an unconscious rhythm that affects and inspires my mind.
 This moltitude of sounds, a translation of the force applied to matter, is building in my mind infinite series of melody that I try to record and document.
 If you want to fully understand the relation between a sculptor and his matter, it is essential to listen to its soundtrack.”
Corrado Abate