Free songs


sound design

produced by
Alice Pedroletti
exposed at
M.L.A.C. – Roma



Ops. by Alice Pedroletti
© 2012

b-Link is a free software connected to a computer, that allowds a disabled person to communicate independently from anyone else. Through the blinking of the eye, and the subsequent reading of a specific machine, a disabled person can control a computer and get to move, to break the walls of a forced condition.”

Ops. is a root of Greek origin, embodying the concept of seeing, sight, eye and face. Every day, without even knowing it, each and everyone of us give their life to their sense of sight, the most developed and the one we count on the most. The eye is an instrument for collecting data, while other organs are made to give information. What happens when we are deprived of the opportunity to use all our tools? How we transform
communication if we are caught in an instant snapshot of our life? Are we still citizen of a city or of this world? Can we still be part of a group? How it can be possible if we speak a different language that nobody can really understand? For a ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) ill man, the communication become a different language, and his forced condition become a different “country” where he has to stay and live until death.
Who is the other than? What is other? Do we know they exist? Do we take care of the diversity, the exclusion, the isolation and of the incommunicability that a patient is forced to live?

I approach these open questions and the concept of physical immobility in photography, its breakdown through a video installation where the photographs come to life in an attempt to not be a daily snapshot of the past. In Ops. the eye becomes a door to eventuality, the power of the desire to share thoughts and ideas, the strength of the indomitable soul locked inside a body which limits us. And when we look into that eye, apparently still, we became its instrument, we become responsible for its message and we disclose it as if we were the eyes of his inner world.